Ur-GeoTech offers an extensive range of skills and professional services. Our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our technical expertise which enables us to provide practical solutions to the most complex challenges for clients.

Ur-GeoTech provides the most efficient solution for the geotechnical engineering problems. We are specialist in the applications of the finite element techniques in tackling complex soil-structure interaction problems. We use the most advanced packages in this field. Solid theoretical background and engineering judgment together with our intensive experiences in the applications of 2D and 3D Finite Element Models should enable us to fulfil our commitment in providing our clients with the most efficient design and value engineering.

Our services include Design Analysis (and/or Design Review) of the following:

  • Shallow and Deep Foundations, in particular, pile-raft foundation design,
  • Retaining Structures and Deep Excavations,
  • Tunnel (TBM & NATM) and micro tunnelling,
  • Deep shafts; Circular and trapezoidal shafts,
  • Assessing impact of engineering activities, such as deep excavations, on the existing adjacent structures,
  • Earth Embankments of Railways and highways,
  • Stability and Settlement Analysis,
  • Soil Improvement Techniques,
  • Geotechnical Forensic Investigation, and
  • Independent Geotechnical Design Review (Second Opinion).

Inviting us for proving you Design Consultancy Services will form the first important milestone of our strategic long-term business relationship.