Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls have been around for thousands of years. An early example of this type of construction is found at Ziggurat of Ur in Mesopotamia. This structure was built around 2500BC and still stands today. The basic construction is earth reinforced with woven mats. Portions of the Great Wall of China were also constructed in this fashion. Modular Block Walls are a recent reincarnation of this ancient construction technique.

About 6200-6500 years ago there existed a civilization located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers near the Arabic Gulf. The area was known as Mesopotamia and the city was called Ur. Because of the geographic location the city had fertile soil and was the perfect place to irrigate the land and raise productive crops, as well as domesticate sheep, goats and other animals.

It is known as the ancient city of the Sumerian civilization and the home of Abraham, father of the all profits. Its ruins are between the modern city of Baghdad, Iraq, and the head of the Arabic Gulf. The site is now known as Tall al Muqayyar, Iraq. The site of ancient Ur is located 140 miles south of Babylon. It was the capital of a small wealthy empire during the third millennium B.C. Most of the great ziggurat of Ur is still standing.