About Us

Welcome to Ur-GeoTech website. We apply state-of-the-art technology to obtain the most efficient design for geotechnical and tunnelling projects. We are specialist in the field of applications of Finite Element Method for tackling complex soil-structure interaction problems. We have a solid reputation in finding innovative solutions for complex geotechnical and tunnelling projects.

We have experience of more than 35 years in the field of geotechnical and tunnel engineering. We are proud of leading design teams for major challenging projects in The UK, Europe and Middle East. Our experience and academic qualifications enable us providing our clients the most efficient solution and value engineering.

Ur-GeoTech offers highly specialized services in geotechnical engineering design fields such as Foundations of Buildings and Bridges, Deep Excavations and Retaining Structures, Railways and Highways Embankments, Tunnels and Micro Tunnelling, Deep Shafts and Underground Structures, Soil-structure Interaction problems, Assessing impact of engineering activities, such as deep excavation in urban areas, on the existing adjacent structures, Geotechnical Forensic Investigation and Independent Geotechnical Review (Second Opinion).

Our fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships.

Thank you for your interest in Ur-GeoTech. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information regarding our services.

Registered in Holland: KvK-number 63738627