United Kingdom Experiences


Crossrail Project (Farringdon Station)

Farringdon Station is one of the major central stations to be built and involves the construction of two 400m long platform tunnels and associated cross passages with a ticket hall at either end.

The West Ticket Hall (WTH), which will house both Thameslink and Crossrail Services, includes a Circular Shaft of 15m diameter, a Rectangular Shaft of 24m by 28m, an Escalator Shaft 9m x 25m and individual 1.2m and 2.1m diameter piles to support the ticket hall and over-site development.

The impact of constructing deep shafts on existing buildings in the surrounding area, using 2D and 3D finite element models, has been thoroughly investigated. Design of Diaphragm walls, secant pile walls and deep excavations is part of the works. The work also includes assessing impact of constructing deep shafts on existing buildings in the surrounding area using 2D and 3D finite element models.


Blackfriars Bridge

Assessing impact of the construction of a new concrete box structure on the existing South Abutment of Blackfriars Bridge using 3D Finite Element Model. The problem under consideration is quite complex involving a piled raft foundation for the proposed structure as part of the structure will be founded on the existing abutment of the bridge.

Tottenham Court Road Station Upgrade

2D and 3D Finite Element Analyses have been carried out for the design of the Double Basement, Deep Shafts as well as assessing impact of the construction on the existing tunnels and London Underground assets. A key challenge of this project was the need to limit deflections in the secant pile walls in order to avoid damage on the adjacent buildings and roads.


East London Line

Foundation Design for Dalston, Hoxton and Shoreditch Stations of the East London Line. The Design analysis included assessing impact of constructing Dalston foundation on existing listed buildings as well as impact of Dalston station as a whole on the proposed future Crossrail tunnel. 

Gerrard’s Cross

Geotechnical Team leader for the independent checking for the design of the anchored contiguous piles walls to be installed on both sides of the existing tunnel. Advanced modelling was required to assess the stability of the anchored contiguous piles, their deflections as well as the bending moments and the shear forces.


Thames Link Borough Viaduct

Responsible for assessing impact of the construction of the Borough Viaduct on the existing Northern and Jubilee lines tunnels. The work included also impact moving loads on existing buried services and LUL assets.


Haymarket Rail Tunnels

Responsible for assessing the effects of constructing a new development on the two existing Victorian brick lined tunnels in Edinburgh. Complex Finite Element Analysis was carried out to predict stresses and displacements on the existing tunnel linings during each construction phase and after completion of the permanent works.